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Flashmobs for Justice!

8 Jun

Our campaign partners in Germany are kicking up a storm in the week running up to their first major protest on June 13 (the same time as Germany’s first game!). The German campaign will be using flashmobs to specifically target Daimler – the German auto-manufacturer that helped to manufacture the infamous security vehicles from which SADF security forces shot and killed, arrested and tracked black South Africans during apartheid.

Check out this video of their activities – it’s in German but a short description can be found just below:

“In the beginning the activists discuss the problem: that Daimler is the sponsor of the German national team for the World Cup in South Africa, but have never acknowledged or been held accountable for the damage they helped to do to thousands of South Africans by supporting the apartheid security forces! The activists are very upset because of this. They say it’s shameful for Germany, because the company was involved in Apartheid crimes. Then the idea comes up to go to the Daimler shops and offices to show their displeasure in public and finally they mobilize people across the country to do the same on June, 13, the first game of the German team.”

Let’s join these German activists to say NO to Daimler getting away with aiding and abetting apartheid crimes!