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World premiere of Shame on the Game song

23 Jun

The phenomenal opening song of the Khulumani Red Card Campaign CD – Shame on the Game – by Creamy Ewok Baggends was premiered at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown on Sunday 20 June.

The word-crunching, mind-stretching, shadow image, video-concertina’d eye-conic Ewok-iain show finished off with a final kick at corporate exploitation with his Shame on the Game composition.

Together Ewok, Khulumani and the other international artists featured on the album are ready to take on the corporates – calling for justice and accountability.

Khulumani Support Group thanks Ewok and all the other cool artists who have worked towards publicising the SA Apartheid (Khulumani) Litigation.

Catch the rest of Ewok’s shows in Grahamstown at the St. Andrew’s school hall at the following times:

Wed 23 June @ 20:00; Thurs 24 June @ 12:00; Fri 25 June @ 22:00; Sun 27 June @21:30 and Mon 28 June @18:00.


Shame on the Beautiful Game Video!

11 Jun

Check this out – an awesome video for EWOK’s track!

Music4Justice Featured Artist – EWOK

9 Jun

As we ramp up activities before the Friday launch of the amazing CD put together by the awesome crew here in SA, and featuring artists from around the world, we’ve just been given a sneak peek at some of the tracks…so ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the first of our fantastic artists:

Iain EWOK Robinson a.k.a. Creamy Ewok Baggends is a 28yr old Hip Hop flavoured Spoken Word activist out of “Poison City” Durban, South Africa.  Having established himself on the SA scene as a young freestyle battle rapper, and later as a Spoken Word SLAM champion, his career through Hip Hop Culture and professional theatre has led him to discover bigger battles to be fought.  As an award winning writer and performer, as a published poet and recording artist, and as a professional aerosol artist, he has established himself as a South African Hip Hop head, for life.

EWOK has produced the fantastic track Shame on the Game (click the link to listen) for our campaign.

Check out some of the epic lyrics:

“I’m not talking to the people in the stands on the side / the people that’ll need a little hope in their lives / i’m not talking to the kids who wanna see the stars / wanna see a future without death or jail bars / i’m not talking to the coach / i’m not talking to the team / i’m talking to the money men behind the screen / i’m trying to stop another dummy move getting past / i’m looking for some answers to some questions I ask / like who built the bullets who built the guns / they aimed at his back while Hector runs / who built the Casspirs that rolled in the street when they had the people pushed to the edge of defeat / who made the machine who makes the device / who plays for profit and who pays the price / who built the system and who supplied it / who knows the truth and who denies it / it’s over / done with it / no more lies / we’re playing with our balls while they’re playing with our lives / they come disguised like they’re playing for our side but the minute that it’s finished they’re the first to vai / ayo / on to the next one like Jika / they built the weapon and we pulled the trigger / the pictures bigger than the game that’s played / they sold back then and they’re still getting paid.”

For those of you heading to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, EWOK will be performing his new multimedia show “IainEWOKrobinson is LIVE!”…the first show is on 20 June at St Andrews Hall, and tickets are discounted for the kickoff performance.