Phambili Bafana…Transforming Team, Transforming SA, Transforming Survivors

10 Jun

Yesterday the streets of Joburg went mad with Football Fever as tens of thousands of people gathered in Sandton to unite behind Bafana Bafana…for anyone there it was magical to see South Africans of all races, economic backgrounds, ages and cultures join together to support the team that have captured all our imaginations.

Yesterday was one of those moments that South Africa manages to manufacture every few years where we realise just how far we have come, and how much passion we have as a nation. Too often we only tell ourselves the bad new about South Africa – forgetting to shout out loud about some of our great triumphs.

All too often the same thing happens to victims and survivors – they are only ever spoken about as helpless and downtrodden…but in reality, as Khulumani members show everyday, survivors are some of the most proactive, energetic and innovative members of our society! At a Khulumani meeting recently on the East Rand survivors spontaneously stood up and declared “we used to be victims, but now we’re activists!”

One group that has  shown just what can happen when people start taking back power is the Khulumani group from Indwe in the rural Eastern Cape. This group of largely quite elderly men and women have sent 100 members to travel across South Africa to Soweto to stage a March on 12 June in support of the Red Card Campaign and the Apartheid Lawsuit! These survivors are an example to all South Africans – to take a stand and take action! We will be providing full details of the march tomorrow – so check back then if you’d like to join the Indwe group on Saturday!


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