Victims Red Carded for too long…

8 Jun

Victims and survivors of apartheid era gross human rights abuses were red carded by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and by the South African government — especially former President Thabo Mbeki, former Minister of Justice Penuell Maduna, and the officials in the TRC unit in the Department of Justice.

The promise made to victims and survivors was, that by testifying at the TRC and thereby participating in the process which led to the perpetrators receiving amnesty, they would receive reparations. These promises were only partly kept. The TRC’s recommendations for reparations were not accepted by the South African government — in fact only about a sixth of the amount recommended was finally (after five years) granted to those victims who testified at the TRC. But many perpetrators received amnesty and continued to receive it after the TRC officially closed its books.

Victims of apartheid crimes who did not make it to the TRC are to this day not recognised but simply ignored. The South Africa we live in today owes an enormous amount to the victims and survivors of the struggle. Some of these were heroes who have ended up in plush and cushy government jobs — but most have literally been red carded from society and stay out of sight and out of the mind of the South African peoples. Even their comrades have forgotten them.

The victims and survivors were directly and indirectly damaged by the actions of companies supporting the security forces and policies of the apartheid government — such as Daimler, Ford, General Motors, IBM, Rheinmetall and others: including banks and oil companies.

But who should continue to be red carded? The victims? Or the businesses who profitted (hugely) from apartheid?


2 Responses to “Victims Red Carded for too long…”

  1. owen 'mshengu' greenland June 9, 2010 at 07:48 #

    This is exactly what my concerns were when we first learnt of the TRC. Even it’s architect Bishop Desmond Tutu – in hindsight acknowledged the failings of the TRC …

    Here, Gillian Slovo and myself predicted the potential (obvious) inadequacies of this lofty venture …

  2. davidrobertlewis June 9, 2010 at 10:41 #

    I am surprised that Naspers is not one the list. It failed to make a proper submission to the TRC despite being implicated in the regime. Tutu lashed the Afrikaner press for directly supporting apartheid. Naspers was started by J B Hertzog, run by D F Malan, acquired a 50% stake in H F Verwoerd’s Perskor, a pay tv licence under PW Botha, and continues to discriminate on the basis of race and religion. I have an ongoing four year labour case against the company after being thrown out of a newsroom for writing an article about a well-known jazz musician. Now under the ANC Naspers has cut deals with ANC oligarchs and party tycoons. The recent Naspers share scheme which gave a fraction of a fraction of the company away to a BEE deal is not only racist but ludicrous. (I support reperations for apartheid victims, not handouts for a particular racial grouping). Now Naspers via Supersport has been given a licence to broadcast the Fifa world cup in High Definition. This is nothing but high definition racism. Stop the racist tournement. Down with the masters of deception.

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